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The follow set of trading tools are indicators that aid my judgment. They’re essential to the Wyckoff principles and they play a vital role in my trading strategy.
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Wyckoff Wave

The Wyckoff-Wave indicator is based on the premise that price moves in waves. We can analyse price-waves by comparing three factors
1) Volume
2) Number of Points progressed
3) Time

These pictures on the left show green and red labels at the end of each respective wave. Green labels represent up-waves. Red labels represent downwaves.
Vol stands for volume of each wave.
P stands for the number of points progressed by each wave.
S stands for the number of sessions of each wave. In other words, S represents the time.

Comparing Volume, Points and Time of each wave gives us crucial information; we can find turning points, find volume imbalances and determine whether sellers are exhausted and vice versa.

There are two settings:
1) Depth
2) Deviation
Depth is the minimum number of sessions a wave can consists of.
Deviation means the minimum percentage amount a wave has to turn until a new wave is created.
As you can imagine, this provides multiple different setting combinations exposing different subtleties and imbalances.

In my opinion, this is the most powerful indicator on the market which is finally available on TradingView.


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Point & Figure Automatic trend lines

Point&Figure charts are incredibly versatile. Knowing the trend is of crucial value. Point and Figure chart help give an objective way of determine the trend using the 45-degree angle trend line.
A key component to my trading strategy is to trade with the trend.

This indicator plots automatic 45-degree trend lines on any point and figure settings. It does not plot trend lines on Point-and-Figure charts with box reversal size = 1 (for obvious reasons)

There’s two settings:
1) Box size
2) Reversal Size
Adjust these settings to your current point and figure settings. Let the indicator do its magic.
I created this indicator because I was frustrated with drawing them by hand!

– $119

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