Wyckoff Wave – Resource list

Having programmed the Wyckoff Wave indicator (Named the ZZ-V/ZZ-VPT), I thought it would make sense to compile a resource list to show everyone how to use it. This list will be updated as I encounter more wave videos: 1. How to trade Wyckoff Waves (By me)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXrRY8-Qnhk&t=47s 2. Wyckoff trade – this guy SERIOUSLY knows howContinue reading “Wyckoff Wave – Resource list”

Point and Figure – Identifying support and resistance

To identify support or resistance, analyse regions where figures (Xs or Os) halt and move in the opposite direction. Take a look at the picture below. Can you spot the support and resistance levels ? Here is my interpretation: Lets first identify support. I’ve spotted two locations at regions A and B. The fact thatContinue reading “Point and Figure – Identifying support and resistance”

Point and Figure – A Fulcrum Bottom

A fulcrum in Point-and-Figure lingo basically means a double bottom. I’ve been anticipating a change in trend for a while now. Price has recently developed a local double bottom and price is currently testing for the 4th time what is ostensibly strong resistance at 7.7k. Notice how price has broken above the downward trend line.Continue reading “Point and Figure – A Fulcrum Bottom”

Point and Figure – 45 degree trend lines

There are three types of trend indicators; objective, dynamic and subjective. A subjective trend line is a trend line drawn by the analyst based on logical judgment. Moving averages or the Ichimoku Cloud provide a dynamic method of determining the trend – the trend moves with price. Lastly, an objective trend is one which followsContinue reading “Point and Figure – 45 degree trend lines”